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A hungry tiger happened to come out of the jungle in search of food and reached a nearby city. As it was late at night nobody saw it and it quickly entered a corporate office nearby and hid itself in the men’s washroom in a corner where nobody could spot it.

As the office hours started, people came to the office and started using the washroom at regular intervals. The tiger was terribly scared and thus hide itself quietly for the first several hours. But then he could handle his hunger no more. He decided he would have to make his move and eat the next person who entered the bathroom.

The next person that entered the bathroom happened to be the Assistant General Manager of the organization. He quickly pounced on him and ate him.

Most people didn’t really notice that the Assistant GM was nowhere to be seen. A couple of subordinates did notice but they were happy he wasn’t around as they could relax and waste time gossiping. So they didn’t bother to find out.

The tiger was still hungry so he decided to have another go. After a couple of hours the vice president of the company came in and most people in the organization hated him. The tiger attacked the VP, dragged him to a dark corner and ate him.

Yet again, most people did not notice as they did not care. Some people who did notice were actually happy he wasn’t around so decided not to search for him.

Around the evening the Tiger realized he needed one more meal that would last the night. This time, the office boy who supplied tea and coffee to all the employees came in. The tiger attacked and out of shock, the man lost consciousness. The tiger decided he would eat him later and quietly dragged him to the corner once again.

But this time, something else happened. People who wanted their cup of tea or coffee began wondering where the office boy was, everybody wanted their tea and became frustrated. Quickly the entire office started searching for him, finally they stormed the bathroom where they discovered the tiger, the remains of the two senior employees and the unconscious man and saved him just in time!!