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“Always do what you are afraid to do”


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Hi, my name is Arundas Haridas. Business Consultant, with qualification from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Institute of Company Secretaries of India having expertise in Accounting, Auditing, Commercial Laws (India) Income Tax laws (India), Goods & Service Tax Laws (India) 

"Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do."

– Brian Tracy

To understand why I chose Chartered Accountancy and decided to help entrepreneurs and people with their business and money management, we need to travel back to my childhood, to my hometown in Pallickal, where I spent most of my days till I moved to Trivandrum for my studies. I believe my upbringing has made a huge impact on the career path I chose and even in the methods and principles I religiously follow today. My mother was a school teacher who instilled the values and ethics one has to follow in life while my father, an astute businessman who kept me aware of ground realities. I managed to combine the good of both worlds and help people to become conscious of their relationship with money – how they spend, earn, save, and invest, rather than be driven by unconscious beliefs or social conditioning.

I have started my career in Chartered Accountancy under CA suresh kumar S, who is a senior member of the ICAI, Trivandrum after attending my Higher Secondary Exam at CBS Corporate Solutions; clearing the CA entrance exam namely CPT (common proficiency test) at the age of 17. During my early days of student years that I spent with some of the reputed senior chartered accountants, I was trusted with the task of offering financial advice to high net-worth clients. It was an interesting time working and learning alongside some of the brightest minds and financially savvy clients. I enjoyed great success and I am grateful for the exposure I had gained while working with clients who were well versed in business and finance. The difficult yet rewarding days were filled with classed at CA academy for CA IPCC while I worked for a number of Practicing Chartered Accountants as a freelancer. Eventually I commenced my three years articles training CA Biju Sir (my guru) at his firm Thomas And Associates Chartered Accountants. During this time, I have completed my First Module in ICSI Executive course.

My passion to help small business succeed stem from my own entrepreneurship efforts, my first venture was an online library which I started in collaboration with a few friends during my student days. IAM A Booklover was the first online lending library in Trivandrum. We delivered books at door steps of subscribers for a small delivery charge. The initiative helped people to collect and share academic and other books at a nominal amount. The library was a raging success with over 1000+ clients and 5000+ books. The success of IAM A Booklover has earned me participation in the “out of the box” program of mathrubhumi channel; a programme featuring young entrepreneurs. The venture eventually came to an abrupt end as the pressure of studies caught on, now I am channelling my free time towards getting the online library back online and running again.

After completion of CA Articleship, I started working as a freelance finance advisor to individuals and Companies and travelled to the length and breadth of South India for work; and during these travels I closely studied the business environment and its interdependence with finance and legal consultants. The findings have made me thinking of a new kind of consulting culture which should be able to replace the existing practices, and its shortfalls. A new model of consulting through partnership, which will set it apart from its peers for its speedy, custom and affordable solutions and proactive approach. The ambition to create something extra ordinary gave way to the launch of “Accovet Business Solutions LLP” in the year 2017. In the first year of operation, the firm achieved 300+ client base and was referred as the best rated consultant and gained 5 star rating with 100+ reviews in Google. In its initial year alone Accovet employed about 50+ staffs and trainees and earned its place in the business scene of Trivandrum. Accovet went on to Launching its sister concern Accovet HR Solutions Pvt Ltd in the year 2019.

Inspired by the success of Accovet as a brand, Accovet Limited was registered in 2019 as a public company by taking over the business of Accovet Business Solutions LLP. Being the Managing Director of Accovet Limited, is a daunting and yet rewarding experience where I am constantly on the lookout for inventing and reinventing new process, practice and techniques to make consulting a new experience for our clients. During this short time, I have headed the launching of new corporate office in the heart of the city and the introduction of novel concept of training + learning into our Human Resource department. In the initial year itself Accovet has served over 500+ clients and expanded its operation with opening branch office at Ernakulam

Helpful for Accelerating Business Growth

Solid growth acceleration takes a myriad of factors, here are things leaders need to do

In today’s economy, there is a cost every entrepreneur pays for doing business. With the success you gain, there is an emotional , physical, economical, and spiritual price charged. To maximize the return on your valuable time, money, and energy resource investment, shift from building to growing your business with these strategies.

Be Futuristic

It’s right that no one knows what the future holds so there’s no error in predicting what the situation may be in the coming days. It is very important for any big or small business to predict the future and plan accordingly. You can develop your next plan by predicting possible scenarios, so that you can be prepared to face any difficulties in the days ahead. A true entrepreneur is the one who lives in the present, learns from past experiences and prepares for future.

Make Customers Happy

Being a businessman, you’re here to serve customers. If you’ll build your customers pleased with your offerings, then you’re following the correct path of success. By catering to the ever-changing demands of consumers, bringing new and innovative product and services to market, and a lot of quickly and developing and nurturing long-term client relationships, you’ll convert their trust and find more business. rapid climb is merely attainable once your current and potential clients are happy with your services.

Reinforce Existing Client Base

Rather than running behind acquiring new customers, you ought to specialise in strengthening your relationship with existing customers, encouraging them to repeat business. By adopting marketing strategies like referral or customer loyalty programs, discounts and more, you’ll let your customers know how valuable they’re , which successively will assist you get more investment or funding for your business.

Eliminate All Sources Of Delay

We work in an ‘instant society’. Clients want what they need once they want it. Plus, if you’re not out before the crowdyou’ll soon be trampled by the competition. Any sources of delay – including your suppliers – are necessary to urge obviate .

Be Specific About What You Want To Accomplish

“Earning more profit” or “Growing my businesses” are both nice goals to have but they are both too common. When you have achieved goals you never really know that lack precision.